April 30, 2020 / Denise Kupka

Project of the week: EVIAN. Communication between electric vehicle and charging station as well as fast charging procedure.

Various research projects are running at the IFS. With the new column "Project of the week" some of the research topics shall be presented in detail. Today: The project EVIAN.

The project EVIAN (Electric Vehicle Intelligent Charging Technology R&D Combined with Electricity Network Adaptation and Battery Lifetime Factors), is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) as a German-Chinese 2+2 project.

Besides the IFS (University of Stuttgart), Vector Informatik GmbH is another German partner. On the Chinese side, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and the company TGOOD are supported by the Chinese government.
The Chinese partners model the physical relationships in the battery during rapid charging. From this, they derive a rapid charging process in which the battery ages only slightly. This process is being implemented as a prototype in a TGOOD charging station.

The project focus for the German partners is the further development of communication between the electric vehicle and the charging station based on ISO 15118. In particular, proposals are being developed for how to feed back into the grid during AC charging from the communication point of view. In addition, a procedure is being researched with which it will be possible in future to switch from wireless charging communication via WLAN to conductive (wired) communication.
Currently, the EVIAN project is developing the overall simulation model, which incorporates the research results of all partners (see figure).

The signal flows involved in the charging communication between an electric vehicle and the charging station are simulated by the German partners in the Vector CANoe® software tool. The physical relationships are modeled in Matlab®/Simulink® by the Chinese partners.

In close cooperation between the German and Chinese partners, the two models are combined at the battery - BMS and power electronics - controller interfaces.

Responsible for the project:
Author: Dipl.-Ing. Chris Auer
Technical project management: Dr.-Ing. Frank Brosi
Project Management: Dr.-Ing. Omar Abu Mohareb
Divisional management: Dr.-Ing. Michael Grimm


BMS: Battery Management System EVCC: Electric Vehicle Communication Controller SECC: Supply Equipment Communication Controller
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