Testing Equipment

Institute of Automotive Engineering (IFS)

The IFS has important large-scale research facilities at its disposal

The institute is equipped with major research facilities for research and development projects. These facilities are regarded as highlights of student education at the University of Stuttgart. Each semester, more than 200 students use these unique experimental facilities as part of their "practical laboratory exercises" (specialization experiments). The IFS and the Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart (FKFS) conduct intensive research cooperation. The IFS operates various wind tunnels for basic research.
The modern aeroacoustic vehicle wind tunnel and the model wind tunnel are used for aerodynamic and aeoroacoustic investigations on behalf of the University of Stuttgart. The thermal wind tunnel is used for thermal management and pollution experiments. The wind tunnels of the IFS of the University of Stuttgart offer the possibility to carry out aerodynamic and aeroacoustic experiments as well as thermal management experiments realistically and reproducibly. An extensive range of measurement and analysis techniques is available for the various measurement tasks.


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