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Institute of Automotive Engineering Stuttgart (IFS)

Major Laboratories Automotive Engineering as well as GIME

Pracical Exercises Automotive Engineering
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Additional informations

  • The stamp sheeds for the  individual degree programs can be downloaded via the hyperlinks on the previous page.
  • The documents for the experiments are available at ILIAS
  • As soon as you have successfully completed all SF- and APMB experiments of a specialization, please submit the complete stamp sheet digitally to Ms. Litterst

Additional information (for GIME)

The "Internal Combustion Engines" experiments "Exhaust-Gas Measurement" and "Output Measurement" can be selected as part of the GIME if "Vehicle Propulsions" has not been selected as the second major.

Major in Automotive Engineering; M.Sc. Program Mechanical Engineering, Technology Management

(Choose 4 of 5 Experiments)

  • Aeroacoustic (C@MPUS-No. 420606900)
  • Outside Noise Measurement (C@MPUS-No. 420607000)
  • Vehicle-Test Bench [offered only during the summer semester] (C@MPUS-No. 420607100)
  • Model Wind Tunnel (C@MPUS-No. 420607200)
  • Road Simulation (C@MPUS-No. 420607300)

  • Alternatively, the course "Praktikum Fahrzeugdynamik" (C@MPUS LV-No. 420606600) can be selected instead of 3 Major Labs (SF-Versuche)
Set up Model Wind Tunnel
Set up Model Wind Tunnel

GIME; M.Sc. Program Mechanical Engineering, Technology Management

exept for major in "Automotive Engineering" and "Vehicle Propulsions".

  • Exhaus-Gas Measurement (KFZ)
  • Outside Noise Measurement (KFZ)
  • Vehicle Test Bench (offered only during the summer semester) (KFZ)
  • Output Measurement (FA)
  • Model Wind Tunnel (FA)
  • Acoustic Power Measurement (FA)
H3 Vehicle Test Bench

Study Program "Technikpädagogik (Technology Pedagogics)" – Major in "Fahrzeugtechnik"

All together, six experiments must be selected. Four (or five) from "Automotive Engineering" and two (or one) from "Vehicle Propulsions". With GIME no additional experiments can be selected.

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Andrea Litterst

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