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Scientific Works

Institute of Automotive Engineering Stuttgart (IFS)

Project Work / Bachelor Thesis / Research Project / Master´s Thesis

IFS-Instructions for Designing Scientific Works
Status winter semester 2022/23

GKM-Notes of student works
Information on the implementation of student theses and direct links to institutional websites with advertised topics

GKM guideline for student wokrs
Please consider the guideline "Richtlinie für die Abwicklung von studentischen Arbeiten" at the GKM-Homepage.

Academical Writing
You can get help and advices for scientific writing at the Schreibwerkstatt, a service of the university of Stuttgart.

Workshops Academical Writing
Everything about planning, writing and revising scientific works
Academical Writing Space - Spaces to Write

Essay delivery service LEA of the University of Stuttgart
Do you need literature? The University Library (UB) delivers these electronically directly to your workplace

00 Procedure for External These (German)
Please follow the procedure

01 Approkval of External These (German)
Please plan up to four weeks for the approval process

01 Approval of external Project Work - EMOB (German)
Please plan up to four weeks for the approval process

03 Non-Disclosure Agreement (German)
If necessary, clarify the duration of non-disclosure with the company

03 Task of the company

04 Guidelines for the procedure of external these (German)

Factsheet external master thesis (German)

How can i register my thesis
 including thesis transfer

contact person

This image shows Andrea Litterst

Andrea Litterst


Student Affairs

This image shows Bernhard Bäuerle

Bernhard Bäuerle


Student Counselling and Course Degree Management Automotive Engineering

This image shows Kurt Seiwert

Kurt Seiwert


Course Degree Management Automotive Engineering

[Photo: Kurt Seiwert]

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