Research at IFS
Research at IFS
A for Automated Driving, E for Electric Mobility, H for Hybrid, M for Engine Acoustics or V for Internal Combustion Engines: On the following page you will find all the main research areas.
[Photo: Thomas Bernhardt /BW Bildung und Wissen ]

The Institute of Automotive Engineering Stuttgart (IFS) consits of the following chairs:

In cooperation with the FKFS, the IFS offers the lecture series "Automotive technology leaders present", where leading companies from the automotive industry introduce themselves.

Institute of Automotive Engineering

Pfaffenwaldring 12
70569 Stuttgart

The IFS is conveniently located on the outskirts of Stuttgart, directly on the university campus.

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This image shows Michael Bargende
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Michael Bargende

Holder of the Chair of Vehicle Drives

This image shows Hans-Christian  Reuss
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Hans-Christian Reuss

Holder of the Chair of Automotive Mechatronics

This image shows Andreas Wagner
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Andreas Wagner

Holder of the Chair of Automotive Engineering- Managing Director IFS

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