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Institute of Automotive Engineering Stuttgart (IFS)

Major Laboratories (SF-Praktika) in "Automotive Mechatronics" and "Automated and Connected Driving"

Practical Exercises in "Automotive Mechatronics" and "Automated and Connected Driving"
[Photo: Automotive Mechatronics Laboratory]

Additional informations

  • The stamp sheeds for the  individual degree programs can be downloaded via the hyperlinks on the previous page.
  • The documents for the experiments are available at ILIAS

Practical Exercises

  • "Praktische Laborübungen Kraftfahrzeugmechatronik" C@MPUS-No. 420520200
  • "Praktische Laborübungen Automatisiertes und Vernetztes Fahren" C@MPUS-No. 420520300

(Choose 4 of 5 experiments)

Each experiment has its own course at C@MPUS. Please register this course to be included in the respectie ILIAS course

  • Practical exercises "Elektromobilität" [C@MPUS-No. 420522700]
  • Practical exercises "Energiemanagement" [C@MPUS-No. 420522800]
  • Practical exercises "LabView" [LC@MPUS-No. 420522900]
  • Practical exercises "ETAS" [C@MPUS-No. 429523000]
  • Practical exercises "Motormanagement" [C@MPUS-No. 420523100]

Our courses are divided into four sections:

20 Min Entry-Level Test (your basic understanding of the subject you have chosen is tested in written form)

only for "Energiemanagment" and "Motormanagement"). The preliminary questions are a preparation for your self-dependent performance of the practical exercises.

  • Elektromobilität / Modellbasierte Entwicklung automobiler Software (ETAS) / LabView
    You will solve given tasks using PC, pen an paper
  • Energiemanagement / Motormanagement
    You will work self-dependently in very small groups, performing measurements on a nearly originally-built tests set-up. You will verify your results together with a student assistant.
  • Energiemanagement / Motormanagement / Modellbasierte Entwicklung automobiler Software (ETAS) / LabView
    Only after you have successfully completed all required practical exercises, drop off your complete and readably filled out stamp sheet in an envelope addressed to Mr. Christian Lange at the reception of the IFS. 14  days later you can get informations about the tested sheet at the chair office.
  • Elektromobilität
    On the day of the practical exercise please bring your master summary sheet along. This will be signed by the IFS staff member at the end of the event.
This image showsPraktika Kraftfahrzeugmechatronik

Praktika Kraftfahrzeugmechatronik

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