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IFS - Institute of Automotive Engineering

Interesting facts about the institute for research and teaching in the field of automotive and engine engineering.

Basic university research in the field of automotive and powertrain engineering

The Institute of Automotive Engineering Stuttgart (IFS) is part of the Faculty of Design, Production and Automotive Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and is engaged in research and teaching in the field of automotive and powertrain engineering. In cooperation with the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart, FKFS for short, basic university research is combined with applied contract research. The institute is also home to the University of Stuttgart's racing, green and a driverless team, which very successfully develop student and autonomous driving racing vehicles for the Formula Student competition.

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Study program Automotive Engineering

Automotive and Engine Engineering becomes Automotive Engineering
As of the winter semester of 2022/2023, the Automotive and Engine Engineering program was renamed into Automotive Engineering. 

In the study program Automotive Engineering, students are taught knowledge from the areas of vehicle propulsions, automotive engineering as well as automotive mechatronics. This includes the topics of alternative fuels, aerodynamics and acoustics. The electrification of the vehicle and the function of control units and software are also part of the courses. The automation and networking of vehicles has already been covered in the study program lectures for several years. Due to its increased importance, the University of Stuttgart has dedicated a new specialization subject in the master's degree program Automotive Engineering to this topic since the winter semester 2017 / 2018. Under the leadership of the IFS and the Institute for Automation Technology and Software Systems (IAS), a cross-faculty lecture program was developed for this purpose.

Kooperation IFS - FKFS

FKFS - Partner of the international automotive and supplier industry
With the cooperation of the FKFS it is possible for the IFS to combine basic university research with applied contract research.
Today, the FKFS is a partner of the international automotive and supplier industry and a renowned German development service provider. More than 140 dedicated and highly qualified employees drive research and development projects in the fields of powertrain, vehicle and automotive mechatronics. Thanks to highly specialized test benches and our own measurement, testing and simulation procedures developed at the FKFS, complex and demanding problems can be solved. In addition, we have many years of experience in the development and application of development tools. Because the FKFS is at the forefront of research work for the automotive industry, the absolute secrecy of projects is an unwritten law.
A cooperation agreement with the Institut of Automotive Engineering Stuttgart (IFS) defines the boundary conditions for cooperation with the University of Stuttgart.

The independent foundation

The Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart FKFS is an independent foundation under public law. It does not receive any basic funding from the public sector.
The institute was founded in 1930 by Wunibald Kamm, a pioneer of modern automotive engineering and professor of automotive engineering. Model wind tunnels were available at an early stage in the meanwhile leading institute, and from 1940 even a 1:1 vehicle wind tunnel was available.

Further information about the FKFS can be found here: FKFS

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